Concessão Litoral Oeste

The Litoral Oeste (West Coastline) Concession includes 109 kilometres of infrastructures and is also an important connection highways A1, A17 and A8.

109 km Concession Length
5 519 Vehicles Average Daily Traffic
+ 11.1 % Traffic (2015)

The West Coastline Sub-concession was granted to Brisa in 2009 for a 30 year period. The investment prediction currently stands at 622 million euros. It serves a renowned tourist route that connects several itineraries and landmarks such as Nazaré Beach, the Batalha Monastery and the Convent of Christ in Tomar.

Highways under concession

The Auto-Estradas do Litoral Oeste concession includes 3 complementary itineraries: IC2, IC9 and IC36. These roads have a total 109 km length, of which 80 km refer to construction and operation, 25.9 km refer to operation only, while the rest refer to expansion.

Shareholder structure

Brisa owns a 15% share of the Litoral Oeste Concession, while TIIC (Transport Infrastructure Investment Company, a company of which Brisa is also a shareholder) owns a 20% share. 
Lena Construções e Serviços   32,5% 
MSF Concessões   32,5% 
Transport Infrastructure Investment Company   20% 
Brisa   15%