The Brisa Group

Brisa is one of the world's largest highway operators and Portugal's largest transport infrastructure company.

Brisa has a permanent attitude of leadership through innovation and is positioned as a transversal supplier of mobility solutions.

1 628 km Total concessions
17 Highways
6 Road concessions
2 344 Employees
+ 3 Million Via Verde Identifiers
484 M€ EBITDA ‘2016

Brisa Auto-estradas de Portugal (“Portugal Highways”) was founded in 1972. For more than 40 years Brisa has led the market and has established a structured and internationally recognised operational model for road infrastructures. The emergence of new trends, technological developments and changes in people’s behavioural patterns mark the dawn of a new era, where the concept of Mobility takes on a broader significance and brings new challenges with it. Against this background, Brisahas redesigned its strategy and defined a new vision, where Mobility is central and a necessary premise for growth and development.

Brisa's portfolio includes several assets, divided into following business areas:

  • Brisa Concessão Rodoviária
  • Other Concessions
  • Suport Services to Concessions
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Technological Services
  • Mobility Services

In Portugal, Brisa Auto-Estradas holds six road concessions  – Brisa Concession, Atlântico, Brisal, Douro Litoral, Baixo Tejo e Litoral Oeste –, that include 17 highways with a total of 1.628 km.

To support its activity, Brisa also holds other road service companies, with the highlight going to Brisa Operação e Manutenção (BO&M), which ensures the operations of all of the Group's national concessions. Via Verde, one of Brisa's flagship services, is an innovative electronic payment system that function in road concessions, parking lots and fuel stations.

Sustainable mobility is currently marked by a growing urbanisation trend and the consolidation of economic and social development, a crucial element for management of large cities. In this context, bearing in mind the crucial importance of its activity for this purpose, Brisa has evolved from transport infrastructure manager to mobility solutions provider, supported by innovation and active traffic management activities, both in Portugal and abroad.

What we do

Besides being a leader in transport infrastructures, the Group develops innovative solutions that aim towards an ever faster, safe and convenient customer experience. Its growth is based on innovation, both in Portugal and the rest of the world. 


Strategic Vision

Brisa has been considered a “Partner for Portugal's Development” ever since it was created, and the company has strived to keep up with a constantly changing market.

Brisa position has developed towards adapting to a paradigm of greater environmental awareness and its growing dynamics and relevance in mobility.

In 2013 Brisa began a process of redefinition and strategic realignment towards 2 vectors that are crucial for business and offer development:

  • Efficiency – Sustainable transport system through competent, responsible and transparent management;
  • Client – Proactive mobility and accessibility solutions geared towards the client's comfort and safety;

This reflection enables the identification of structural vectors that support the Group's present and future strategy:

  • From the age of infrastructures to the age of mobility;
  • From infrastructures supplier to mobility supplier;

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