BIT - Brisa Group’s hub for innovation

Brisa Innovation is a Brisa Group company dedicated to the investigation and implementation of innovative mobility-boosting solutions.

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40 R&D Projects
+ 70 Engineers
15 Universities Protocols
Toll charging systems This includes automatic, self-service and manual systems in both open roads and single-lane systems.
Traffic management and information Solutions for traffic monitoring, incident management and information delivery.
Automatic access controls Versatile solutions that can be used in several situations, such as parking lots, fuel stations and others.
Intelligent Transport Systems - ITS Solutions that allow traffic monitoring and prevention such as video surveillance, weather stations and others.
Advisory Specialised advisory for organisations in need of solutions for access control and toll charging.


BIT intelligent transport systems expertise is defined by information and communication solutions applied to engineering and transport networks operation.
Research Generates new ideas, concepts and prototypes in line with the organisations' present and future needs.
Development The development process includes design, technical specifications, development, implementation and continuous improvement of new products and technical solutions.
Acquisition BIT’s know-how in research and purchase of services and components allow the monitoring of the entire process of acquiring the necessary goods and services.
Integration Planning, execution and integration of all projects, whether for equipment or technological solutions.
Maintenance Ensuring maintenance of equipments and services by actively monitoring and anticipating needs.
Advisory Technical knowledge that allows to define the best solutions to address each organisations' specific needs.


BIT possesses a vast range of technological solutions adapted to the needs of many organisations.
Vehicle detection and classifications License plate and vehicle class recognition solutions that can be applied to roads and other locations.
Toll systems Automatic, self-service and manual toll charging systems.
Monitoring and control platforms IT solutions for monitoring, control and auditing of road equipments and others through the use of sensors.

Challenges overcome

With solutions adapted to the needs of each client, BIT can overcome challenges and offer versatile products.
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Northwest Parkway, USA

Challenge: Developing and implementing a toll charging solution that did not resort to physical currency.

Result: A completely automatic toll system, without stops, that allows users to associate a debit card or pay later.

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Portuguese Borders

Challenge: Development, over a 2-month period, of a foreign license plate recognition system that enables those license plates to be associated with debit/credit cards.

Result: Installation of license plate recognition systems and development of software that allows users to associate a payment method.

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Brisa Concession, Portugal

Challenge: Minimise toll charging evasion and reduce costs for recovery operations.

Result: Installation of infrared cameras and automation of license plate recognition. Recognition accuracy increased from 65% to 95%.



Existing skills in the Innovation Network work group and partners include a systematic observation of surrounding conditions and prediction of new tendencies; connection management and analysis of internal and external context, increasing opportunities and interactions; the innovation network and contextualisation of RDI activities with Brisa's main strategy.
Monitoring and prediction process
Interface management
Innovation partners network
Strategic planning

Innovation cycle

The innovation cycle includes the various stages of the development process of a new product or service. This management nourishes the cycle and boosts new opportunities, which often arise from previously developed projects. The whole cycle is based on a RDI financing and feedback model;
RDI financing and feedback model:

- Creation of internal value;

- Technology licensing

C)Research and Development
D)Idea selection and generation
F)Equipment management


Results from the previous cycle that include the creation of new products and services, internal and external promotion of newly developed know-how, generation or optimisation of processes and the opening of new business areas for the company;
New products and services
New processes
New businesses