GRI Indicators

Brisa has adopted the best practises of corporate transparency and reports sustainability information according to the principles of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

  • G4 - 4the generation of GRI guidelines
    G4 - 4the generation of GRI guidelines
    In 2014, Brisa’s sustainability report adopted the fourth generation of guidelines for sustainability reports — GRI / G4 — obtaining the CORE validation attributed by the verification entity KPMG & Associados, S.R.O.C., S.A.

In compliance with the methodology of the G4, the sustainability reporting covers the following areas:


Strategy and analysis; Organisation; Identification of material aspects and its reporting frontiers; Involvement of the interested parties; Report profile; Governance; Ethics and integrity;


Economic performance; Market presence; Procurement practises;


Energy; Water; Biodiversity; Emissions; Effluents and residues; Environmental evaluation of suppliers;

Labour practises

Employment; Health and work safety; Training and empowerment; Diversity and equal opportunities; Gender wage equality; Assessment of suppliers in human rights;


Local communities; Fighting Corruption; Unfair Competition; Assessment of suppliers with impacts in society;

Product responsibility

Consumer’s health and safety; Product labelling; Client privacy;