Social Performance

Brisa has a history of connection with the communities where it is based, as well as a policy of social development focused on donations and social intervention.

475 k€ Donations in 2015
103 Volunteers
85 Supported Institutions
With a greater focus on a result oriented social responsibility, Brisa has adopted a model of deeper involvement with communities that is managed according to verifiable specific goals.

3 Support Approaches

Brisa follows 3 different support approaches that ensure an appropriate relationship between the company and the organisations it cooperates with.

  • Commit & Engage
    Medium/long term partnership through structured and continual support. It uses the company's material and human resources and leads the company to a deeper involvement with the community.
  • Act & Connect
    Enabling projects through donations followed by development of a cooperation relationship, which may involve volunteering, management support or further donations.
  • Pay & Go
    A single act of donation delivery without further involvement with the institution or community.

Contributions to the Community

In 2015, Brisa reinforced its contributions to the community through financial support, volunteering, educational actions and social intervention projects. As far as financial donations are concerned, 475 thousand euros were donated in 2015.

These donations benefited 85 Portuguese institutions, such as:


  • Associação Academia do Johnson

  • Associação Salvador

  • Associação Novo Futuro

  • Cercica

  • Vela Sem Limites (celebrating 10 years)

  • Centro Juvenil Padre Amadeu Pinto


In the volunteering front, 103 Brisa volunteers actively contributed to the growth of the volunteering group run by José de Mello Group, of which the company is a part of. This volunteering program stands out for its adopted model, where volunteers contribute not only with their time but also with their know-how and specific skills, which boosts their contribution.

Concerning educational issues, Brisa stands out because of its Education Program, Brisa nas Escolas ("Brisa at the School"). It is aimed at the school population and its main subjects are road safety and environmental protection, having recovered its earlier dynamism.

Social intervention projects in detail

Learn more about Brisa's social projects.