“Safety First” Program

Passengers today, drivers tomorrow.

The Safety First program, created in 2005, is proof of Brisa's connection to young people. This initiative is aimed at primary education students and has contributed to create a culture of road safety in Portugal, serving the local communities with which Brisa is connected to.


With the Safety First program, Brisa aims to contribute to contribute to the training and education of this segment of the population, through actions that allow children to come in contact with and experience the main relevant issues. In 2013, the program was subjected to a major overhaul. New content and materials were developed, and the focus of the program was expanded in order to include issues such as the Environment and Biodiversity. This new aspect was the driving factor for changing the program's name to “Brisa at the School” Educational Program.

How it Works

The program is aimed at primary education students and teachers. It is based on the organisation of school visits to Brisa Operational Centres all over the country. Brisa will also directly come to the school – in this case, the visit is recreated in the classroom.

Visits comprise several stages, including an explanation of the restraint systems, experimentation by the students, a visit to the traffic signals park and also a demonstration of how roadside assistance vehicles work.

Teachers will be given a preparation worksheet for the visit. A continuation of the visit's activities will be encouraged through a teaching materials kit that includes a Teacher's Guide and Activity Worksheets for use in the classroom.


The Environment and Biodiversity 

Besides Road Safety, Environment and Biodiversity are strategic activity areas for Brisa. The company strives to achieve a positive global balance for its impact on biodiversity. 

The Environment First is a project belonging to the Brisa Educational Program and aims to promote these issues.
One of the project's initiatives is the organisation of school visits to the EVOA – Bird Observation and Visitation Space, at Lezíria de Vila Franca de Xira, 35 km away from Lisbon. These visits promote awareness of biodiversity issues and the importance of natural habitats through the observation (both real and virtual) of birds right in the middle of the Natural Reserve of the Tagus Estuary. 
The project is aimed at all primary education schools, as well as the student's families and the teachers' community.

For more information check the project's website at www.brisanasescolas.pt.