Auto-Estradas do Douro Litoral

Auto-Estradas do Douro Litoral (Douro Coastline Concession) operates a road infrastructure that serves the Porto metropolitan area and plays a fundamental role in the region's mobility through 3 highway concessions.

79 Total km (2017)
8 110 Average Daily Traffic (2017)
+ 13.4 % Traffic (2017)

The Douro Coastline Concession was granted to Brisa for a 27 year period and was the subject of a 1 billion euros investment.

It has had a strong economic impact on the region and its infrastructures complement and connect other existing infrastructures, such as A1, A3 and A4.


Shareholder structure

Brisa owns a 99,92% share of Auto-Estradas do Douro Litoral (Douro Coastline Concession).