Concessão Litoral Oeste

The Litoral Oeste (West Coastline) Concession includes 102 kilometres of infrastructures and is also an important connection between highways A1, A17 and A8.

102 Total of km (2017)
6 289 Average Daily Traffic (2017)
+ 6.2 % Traffic (2017)

The West Coastline Sub-concession was granted to Brisa in 2009 for a 30 year period and it serves a renowned tourist route that connects several itineraries and landmarks such as Nazaré Beach, the Batalha Monastery and the Convent of Christ in Tomar.

Shareholder structure

Brisa owns a 15% share of the Litoral Oeste Concession, while TIIC (Transport Infrastructure Investment Company, a company of which Brisa is also a shareholder), owns a 20% share.