Brisa Engenharia e Gestão

Brisa Engenharia e Gestão (Engineering and Management) is mainly focused on management of studies and projects, expropriations and construction works supervision.

With vast experience in project management for the railroad sector and water transport and distribution, Brisa Engenharia e Gestão expands the Brisa Group's business to other areas where the know-how is similar to that of the road sector.
Tests Quantity 
Tests in rooms or location, involving finished materials and works that integrate road constructions and related structures such as soils, aggregates, binders and bituminous mixtures, concrete, mortar and grout   34
Ambient noise tests   1
Tests in water involving sample collection and “in situ” parameter determination   10


Main clients

  • Brisa Engenharia e Gestão provides support for the Brisa Group and cooperates with other companies in the mobility sector.
  • Brisa - Concessão Rodoviária;
  • Brisal - Auto-estradas do Litoral;
  • Refer - Rede Ferroviária Nacional;
  • EP - Estradas de Portugal;


The certifications of Brisa Engenharia e Gestão include 3 components: Quality, Environment and Laboratory Skills.

Maia Laboratory

Brisa Engenharia e Gestão owns a laboratory located in Maia. This structure has been certified to perform a wide range of tests. The laboratory allows all the necessary testing to take place in order to ensure the projects' dependability and conformity with current standards.


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Quality and Environment

Brisa Engenharia e Gestão is characterized by a responsible attitude and the certification of its Quality Management Systems. It is constantly seeking improvement both of its services and its environmental performance.

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Shareholder structure

Brisa Engenharia e Gestão is 100% owned by Brisa.