Brisa Gestão de Infraestruturas

BGI is responsible for the management of assets (infrastructures) in the Brisa Group.

BGI's mission is to provide the integrated and sustainable management of their clients' road infrastructures, looking to maximize assets' performance across their lifecycle, while optimising its cost and availability, ensuring compliance, security and risk management.


Brisa Gestão de Infraestruturas is certified on two aspects — Quality and Environment — and accredited for a large set of construction materials and environmental tests.

Maia Laboratory

Supporting their monitoring activity, BGI has two quality control labs regarding construction materials: their main lab, located by Maia's Operation Center on A3 – the freeway connecting Oporto/Valencia and, since October 2016, also a mobile lab.

The mobile lab will focus on several pavement improvement works on the southern part of the country, ensuring a greater proximity to them, which optimizes resources and reduces response time.

BGI laboratories operate on the following technical areas:

  • On-site testing (“in situ”), on materials and works concerning road construction and so forth, such as grounds, aggregates, bituminous binders and mixtures, concrete or mortar;

  • Noise testing;

  • Water testing, including on-site sample collection and parameter definition;

  • Internal calibration.

BGI labs have the technical ability to perform over 100 tests on the above mentioned areas. 40 of these tests fall under the norm NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 (n.º L0340-1) accreditation, by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (Instituto Português de Acreditação – IPAC).

For further information, please read:

Laboratório da Maia - Lista de Ensaios sob acreditação flexível intermédia (in Portuguese)

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Accreditation Certificate NP EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

Quality and Environment

Brisa Gestão de Infraestruturas, besides being a resposible entity, which is verifiable by the certifications obtained on their Quality Management Systems, is always looking to improve, not only the quality of their services, but also their environmental performance.

For further information, please read:

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Shareholder structure

Brisa Gestão de Infraestruturas is 100% owned by Brisa.