TIIC is a joint venture by Brisa, Millennium bcp and Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild. Its focus is transport infrastructure investment.

TIIC (Transport Infrastructure Investment Company (SCA) Sicar) is an investment fund that is characterised by its value creation for its partners, both in the financial and operational areas. It was created to explore investment opportunities in the European Union, North America and Latin America markets. It reached the end of its investment period in 2014 and is now entering a new phase — it will dedicate itself exclusively to managing participations and beginning preparations for the divestment process.

TIIC Investment Portfolio

With infrastructures being widely regarded as a fundamental instrument for sustainable economic development, TIIC invests in all transport infrastructure subsectors, with a particular emphasis on roads.

Company Description 
Gerediaga  30 year concession in Spain
Albea 18 km highway concession in northern France
GTC  152 km concession in northern Poland
Auto-Estradas do Baixo Tejo 30 year sub-concession in Portugal
Auto-Estradas do Litoral Oeste 30 year sub-concession in Portugal
Empark Parking lot operator in Portugal, Spain, Andorra, United Kingdom and Turkey


Shareholder structure

TIIC has 3 shareholders: Brisa, Millennium bcp and Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild. Brisa owns 36% of the shares.