Via Verde Portugal

Via Verde is an automatic toll payment system. It can be found in highways, parking lots, restaurants, fuel stations and other services.

+ 3.5 Million Via Verde IDs (2017)
+ 406 M Via Verde transactions (2017)
+ 6 % Annual Growth (2017)
3 000 km Covered highways (2017)
140 carparks equipped with the Via Verde System (2017)
109 Service points (2017)

Via Verde Portugal was founded on September 29, 2000 and is one of Brisa's most significant companies, having made Portugal the first country in the world to have an integrated electronic non-stop toll network.


Via Verde is increasingly becoming a flexible service with advantages for several business areas. Originally its service focused on automatic toll payments that allowed vehicles to pay without stopping. Today, it is present in other sectors and the convenience it offers is undeniable.

The focus on mobility as been reinforced: Via Verde customers can now use Via Verde in other services such as parking lots, McDonald’s (McDrive) restaurants, ferries and fuel stations.

Besides its automatic payment processing services, Via Verde has also proven to be effective in access control to parks and/or private companies that do not require payment. These activities have brought dynamism to the company.

The new Via Verde offering

On September 2015, Via Verde Portugal renewed its identity and digital presence. It launched the Viagens & Vantagens (”Travel & Advantages”) program as the first step of a new offer and customer proximity strategy.

More informations about the new Via Verde offering.

Shareholder structure

Brisa owns 60% of the Via Verde Portugal company.