Via Verde Contact

Via Verde Contact has the main purpose to manage the client experience all customer services of Brisa Group, in an integrated way.

195,5 k written contacts (2017)
675,6 k in store customers (2017)
752 k inbound calls (2017)
1 m online operations (2017)
5,4 k social networks contacts (2017)
633 k website users (2017)

As a preference contact with the customers, Via Verde Contact ensures an increasing quality of customer service and its operational efficiency, using either face-to-face or remote platforms.

A new ambition regarding the customer service

In 2015 the new project Via Verde Contact became a fundamental key to Via Verde’s new ambition in customer care service. 

Committed to provide an excellent service, Via Verde Contact has his main focus on improving the customer service experience, through greater resolution at the first contact, and an increasing attendance on digital channels, especially in social networks. 

Shareholder structure 

Via Verde Contact is a Brisa Group company, owned by Brisa Auto-Estradas.