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Brisa is the largest private road operator in Portugal and stands out at both national and international levels. It seeks efficiency in all dimensions of its business.

Brisa has a permanent attitude of leadership through innovation and is positioned as a transversal supplier of mobility solutions.

1 628 km Total concessions (2017)
1 124 km under concession to BCR (2017)
504 km total of the network of Other Concessions (2017)
2 344 Employees (2017)
17 Highways (2017)
6 Road concessions (2017)
+ 3.5 Million Via Verde On-Board-Units (2017)
55.8 M€ CAPEX (2017)
506 M€ EBITDA (2017)

Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal was established in 1972 and is currently the largest private transport infrastructure company in Portugal. 

Brisa is recognised for holding considerable operational and technological know-how, for the efficient management of its road concessions and for the development and marketing of innovative mobility solutions.

Market Trends and Challenges 

The sector of transports infrastructures and mobility is one of the sectors that has undergone large transformations. 

Brisa has been adapting itself to the new challenges related to the sector as well as to the continuous changing society, which require frequent adjustments in the products and services offer, in the distribution channels and in pre- and post-sales assistance. 

In this way, some specific trends and challenges arise for the transport and mobility infrastructure sector, such as: 

  • Urban growth driving up demand for mobility 
  • Shift of inland infrastructure investments to emerging markets and entry of financial investors 
  • Technology and big data will become key in traffic planning 
  • Demand for technology in vehicles is increasing 
  • Green regulation and policies changing transportation landscape within cities 
  • Electrified and autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality 
  • Value increasingly consolidated to be closer to the customer 
  • Decoupling of vehicle owner and user changes mobility dynamic 
  • Customers are increasingly looking for multi-mode journeys 
  • Access to infrastructure changing focus from vehicle to user 

Business Model and Strategic Priorities


Brisa’s business model seeks to create value to the different stakeholders by optimising the value generated by each of its businesses, seizing investment opportunities and disinvesting where needed. 

Managing its assets carefully, continuously seeking the development of the generated opportunities and having a permanent focus on the Client are crucial to maximize the value creation and the medium and long term performance.

Drivers for Value Creation

Brisa is simultaneously focused on its assets’ value creation, on new growth opportunities and on enhancing the relationship with its clients. 

Each business segment has its own business model, requiring different types and amounts of capital employed and led by different operational drivers that generate value to stakeholders.

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