Group History

From the infrastructures era to the era of mobility.

In 1972, Brisa ensured the construction of what is now regarded as the backbone of the Portuguese Highway System. Over the years, it has forged a path, extending its reach to the whole country from North to South and from East to West, stimulating economic activities and bringing the Portuguese closer together.

Today, it has a new mission: to provide efficient mobility for the people. It has created an innovative operation model, focused on technology and customer service, its growth firmly based on innovation.


In 1972 and today, a partner of Portugal.


Via Verde Boleias

Launch of Via Verde Boleias, the service that helps you to find the perfect ride or someone to travel with, through your smartphone.


Brisa launches in Lisbon the DriveNow, a carsharing service with a fleet of 211 BMW and MINI vehicles.

Via Verde Estacionar

Launch of the App Via Verde Estacionar, which allows you to pay on-street parking via mobile phone.

New Via Verde

Launch of a new Via Verde with a wider range of services and closer to customers.

EVOA Opening

Opening of EVOA - Espaço de Visitação e Observação de Aves, a Visitation and Birdwatching Space, a fundamental component for Brisa's Biodiversity Program.

App iBrisa

Launch of the App iBrisa, which has strengthened the connection between Brisa and provided efficient mobility for the people.


Litoral Oeste Concession

A connection between A1, A17 and A8 that serves a touristic route.

Baixo Tejo Concession

Formed by 4 motorways, the Baixo Tejo concession has reinforced the Setúbal District mobility.

Northwest Parkway

Located on Denver, USA, the NWP concession is a milestone in Brisa’s internationalization.

Lezíria Bridge

Construction of a 12 km bridge that allowed the preservation of the Ribatejo fields.

Operation Coordination Centre

CCO opening which guarantees an efficient network traffic management.


Fully automatic concession by using the Manual and Via Mais Verde solutions.

A2 Completion

Brisa network reaches a total of 1000 km and connects Portugal from North to South and from East to West.


Atlântico Concession

Inclusion of the Atlântico Highways Concession which serves the northern part of Lisbon metropolitan area.

A3 Completion

The first major axis connecting Portugal to Spain becomes a reality.

Carenque Tunnel

Construction of a tunnel in the A9 highway which allowed the preservation of the existing dinosaur footprints.

Via Verde

Launch of the pioneering Via Verde service, which allows drivers to pass through tolls without stopping.

A1 and A5 conclusion

Completion of the A1 highway connecting Lisbon to Porto and the A5 which links Lisbon to Cascais.


ATM on tolls

Toll payments through ATM services became possible.


Roadside Assistance

The roadside assistance service arises, becoming a landmark of excellence until today.

Brisa Concession Contract Signature

Brisa begins its activities as a transport infrastructures operator in Portugal.