Dr. Vasco de Mello

In 2020, we started the process of changing the shareholder structure, and it was complete in the beginning of the last quarter, confirming Brisa's position as a solid and attractive company, both in the context of its sector and in that of the Portuguese economy.


Mobility transformation is something which any business or company operating in this sector must deal with. Our present-day world is seeing a radical change in existing economic and business models, determined by factors of technological, economic, social and environmental nature. 

Brisa started its activity as road operator over 40 years ago, developing a range of management, operation and innovation skills, which allowed the company to assert itself as sector benchmark, in the fields of operational efficiency and value creation for all stakeholders. 

During its early years, Brisa’s prime concern was to connect Portugal from North to South, East to West, creating a network of modern, safe and comfortable motorways. Very soon, technological innovation emerged as a critical factor to provide the best services to anyone using and travelling with Brisa. 

Via Verde and our road management systems are examples of our culture of efficiency, service and innovation. We kept evolving, adapting to and anticipating the trends of an increasingly demanding and continuously changing market. 

At the turn of the 21st century, we progressed to the internationalisation of our skills and businesses, with significant results in markets such as Brazil or the United States. At the same time, we invested in the digitalisation of our motorway network, developing the concept of intelligent motorways. 

That is the context in which Brisa identified the need to evolve from the Era of Infrastructures to the Era of Mobility. Accordingly, while we continue developing our traditional business, we are working to build a future based on an ecosystem of mobility services focused on providing an integrated, collaborative and inclusive answer to the needs and expectations of our clients and all stakeholders. 

The Via Verde brand already gathers a range of new mobility services based on digital solutions, from access and payment to street parking to integrated transport planning and co-shared mobility. 

I believe that the Brisa Group will continue to play a relevant service, providing efficient mobility to people.


Vasco de Mello,
Brisa Chairman