Mission and Values

Brisa considers itself as a “Partner for the Development of Portugal”, a vision which it extends to all regions where it operates, either as a road concessionaire or as a provider of advanced road services

The Brisa Group has played a key role in the financing, definition, construction and operation of a network of motorways, covering Portugal’s main road axes and crossing the country from North to South and East to West. As a result of such experience, it developed a culture that is strongly directed to the promotion of mobility and accessibility, based on values of Ethics, Excellence, Innovation and People, with important economic and social benefits for the activities and communities it serves.

For over 40 years, Brisa has led the national road market and established a structured and internationally recognised operational model for road infrastructures. The emergence of new trends, technology developments and changes in people’s behavioural patterns led to the advent of a new era, where the concept of Mobility gained broader significance, bringing in new challenges. In this environment, Brisa will continue to provide efficient mobility for people, focusing on Mobility as sine qua non for growth, development and value creation.

Brisa Group has developed a culture strongly focused towards the promotion of mobility and accessibility, established upon values of Ethics, Excellence, Innovation and People