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Via Verde Serviços (VVS)

Via Verde Serviços' mission is to develop and implement new mobility products and services for the Brisa group.

The Brisa Group's commitment to mobility continued to be reinforced by VVS, which has developed a set of differentiated projects. These projects represent a vector for growth and the reach of new businesses, in which the focus on the customer and their mobility needs are essential for the design and structuring of a consistent and valuable offer.


The new products and services in the area of ​​mobility also use VVS' proprietary technological solutions, developed together with various partners – internal and external to the Brisa Group. The creation of a relevant mobility ecosystem for our customers, in which VVS plays a key role, is part of a vision in which we pass:

  • From infrastructures to mobility
  • From cars to people
  • From ID to Apps
  • And from transactions to behaviors

Suppliers performance

Via Verde Serviços considers it essential that its suppliers are aware of the requirements for controlling and monitoring their performance:


  • Price history
  • Deadline accomplishments
  • Supplier performance
  • Technical assistance
  • Service quality


Via Verde Serviços is guided by the relentless pursuit of Quality, with a view to improving the services it provides, in order to promote maximum satisfaction among customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers.


Quality Management System

Shareholder structure

Brisa owns 100% of Via Verde Serviços.

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