Operational Coordination Centre

The Operational Coordination Centre ensures the centralisation of rescue, protection, patrolling, assistance and user information services.

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The Operational Coordination Centre (CCO) was created in 2004 and is located in Carcavelos, at the Brisa headquarters' campus. The Centre simultaneously operates 16 operational spread throughout the country, ensuring effective traffic management for the Brisa network.
It is stacked with innovative and efficient telematics equipments, therefore ensuring its place as an important source of information for the analysis and sustainability of the Brisa Group.

Innovation and telematics

Since innovation is intrinsically part of Brisa's culture, telematics equipments installed in the Brisa network are the result of constant investigation and adaptation to its activity's needs.

Brisa gets most of its information through telematics equipments (as many as 92%) in 2014. This constant information flow allows the company to provide a better service to the client and maintain driving conditions. Besides technical equipments, Brisa also owns a fleet of 71 vehicles constantly travelling through Brisa's netowrk. Continual communication from these vehicles and GPS control allows the CCO to perform an effective distribution of resources.
  • CCTV – TV closed service 500 Cameras
    80% Road network covered
  • Coordination of means of assistance POS | GPS | Radio | Telephone
  • Customer Service Number Reception and Response
    Assistance | Help | Protection
  • Environmental Control
    Weather Stations
    35 Stations
  • Record of all occurences Activating Means
    Informing Means
  • Emergency SOS Phone Network 1461 SOS stations
    Regular operationality tests
  • Tunnel management Activating Means
    Informing Means

The CCO Responsibilities

CCO is responsible for providing all necessary support for the performance of Brisa and its road infrastructures. This support is given in strict cooperation with the 16 Operational Centres which also have the means to assume control of operations locally, should the need arise.
Active traffic management Through information received by its telematics equipments, CCO performs active traffic management, checking traffic levels, weather conditions and road disturbances.
Driving conditions It monitors and improves driving conditions, always providing assistance whenever necessary.
Rescue operations Technological tools such as cameras and S.O.S. contact points ensure an appropriate response time through coordination of assistance operations with the remaining operational centres.
Protection With 80% of the road network covered with a TV closed circuit, the CCO monitors the roads and acts in case of need.
Patrolling Brisa's assitance vehicles patroll the roads and verify their driving confitions. On 2013, assistance vehicles covered 13 million Km.
Client assistance Brisa's assistance vehicles are prepared to help the client in case of accident or malfunction. The information is gathered through several telematics equipments or by the road user's direct phone contact.
Client information CCO provides clients with information services, namely road occurences and weather conditions.
ISO 9001 Quality Certification
ISO 14001 Environmental Certification
ISO 170125 Laboratory Accreditation
NP 4457 Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Managment
Function Certification
In 2007, CCO was certified with the NP EP ISO 9001:2008 standard in order to improve client satisfaction and process execution, facilitate access to new business opportunities and increase employee satisfaction and motivation.