Technology and Mobility

A-to-Be, owned by Brisa Inovação e Tecnologia, is Brisa's group international brand responsible for developing and delivering solutions to mobility services operators.

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3300 KM Systems in operation
500 Mil Mobility services transactions
500 M Toll transactions
+150 Mobility operators
+1 B Identified vehicles per year
1200 Tolls in Portugal, Holland and the USA

A vision towards mobility


With 30 years of experience in the development of technology solutions for tolls and traffic, Brisa has now adopted the A-to-Be brand. This represents a turn in the company's vision and positioning, towards creating more adequate solutions to mobility needs that are faster and more disruptive - that go beyond vehicles and infrastructures.

Public transport
Highway tolling
Sharing vehicles
Refuelling vehicles

Focusing on people and on the several ways we have to get from point "A" to point "B", A-to-Be offers solutions internationally to make intelligent transportation systems even more efficient. Our purpose? To turn simple trips into real experiences - which are easy, safe, sustainable and gratifying.

For mobility operators

A-to-Be solutions were made for companies that offer mobility services.
A Back-Office for mobility Designed to give travelers their very best experience, this central system allows mobility operators to offer a quality service in regards to operation and commercial management.
The road connection Whenever a traveler interacts with a infrastruture from the mobility operator, this solution ensures the integration of all the necessary services and operators - for a fluid and seamless user experience.
Circulation managements Created to handle traffic management in scenarios where operation are integrated into complex infrastrutures, Atlas works on telematic equipments and operations coordination rooms.