Via Verde

Via Verde has been with the Portuguese since 2000, creating innovative solutions that make your life easier. Via Verde always travels with you.

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295 M€ Transactions
3 M Clients
6% Growth

The Via Verde you already know

The Via Verde that made Portugal the 1st country in the world with a non-stop integrated toll charge network.
Via Verde Toll A toll you can pay without without stopping your car, thanks to the identifying device.
Open road toll The most practical open road toll charging solution.

The new Via Verde offering

Via Verde has changed and grown along with you.
Now our identifier joins you in more and more places and situations. There is a whole new world of advantages waiting for you.
Viagens e Vantagens Via Verde’s loyalty program that offers you a whole world of advantages.
Galp Fueling At Galp fuel stations all you need to do is refuel and move on.
Parking Don’t waste time with manual payments, press the green button and you’re good to go.
Ferries Via Verde is now available in ferry boats. Get on board and enjoy the boat trip.
McDonald's At McDrive all you have to do is arrive, order, and move on.

Viagens & Vantagens

Viagens & Vantagens is Via Verde’s new loyalty program.
Special offers, auto discounts and challenges with lots of prizes — all of this is waiting for you!


Earn points every time you use Via Verde on the highway or other services.
You can use your points later to get discounts and very special prices in tourism, leisure and entertainment activities.

Direct discounts

Enjoy direct discounts in auto services. The discounts will increase according to the points you earn.
Leisure Activities Trade your points for offers at very special prices.
Auto Advantages Direct discounts in auto partners. It’s time to take good care of your car!
Challenges Prizes Fun challenges that offer you 1 month of free tolls.
Discover Portugal Suggestions to discover this History-rich country and win prizes at the same time.