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Find out about the Brisa Group consolidated financial and non-financial indicators.

2 867

Employees (2022)

€79 M

Capital expenditure (2022)

A3 Moody’s | A Fitch

BCR Rating

Following the announcement relating to the offer and compulsory acquisition of the shares launched on 27 December 2022 by the shareholder Rubicone Bidco, S.A. holding 97.85% of the share capital of Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal, S.A., on 25 January 2023 the shareholding position of Brisa is as follows:

Rubicone Bidco, S.A., 552 647 386 shares, representing 100% of the share capital of the Company.

Network under concession

1 549 Km

1 217 Km under concession to BCR and Brisal


11 motorways

1 124 Km under concession
1 100 Km in operation


1 motorway

92.7 Km under concession and in operation

332 Km - Other concessions total network


Other indicators (in 2022)



Via Verde

4.7 million vehicles equipped with Via Verde identifiers


1.6 million of motor vehicles inspections

Brisa Áreas de Serviço

27 Colibri / Via Verde units in 15 Service Areas

GHG Emissions Intensity (Scope 1 and 2)


16 mtCO2eq/€M

Roadside assistance

10.7 million Km patrolled by Roadside assistance vans

Reports relating to the last financial years of the Brisa Group.

Sustainability Framework
Second Party Opinion
Sustainability Framework
Sustainability-Linked Financing Framework
Integrated Report
2022 - Integrated Report
Integrated Report
2021 - Integrated Report
Integrated Report
2020 - Integrated Report
Integrated Report
2019 - Integrated Report

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